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Resonating with The Next Generation of Shoppers

Millennials get blamed for a great many things. They’re responsible for “killing” everything from chain restaurants to straws. They have high expectations, yet these expectations don’t align with previous norms. Coming of age during a staggering recession, their commitments and preferences are much different than the boomers before them.
Millennials are very much a generation who vote with their dollar. Research has shown they prefer companies that give to charity. And, while they are money-conscious, they are certainly willing to spend money on a brand that gives back, be it via charitable donations or a buy-one-give-one model. This generation expects brands to be actively engaged in giving back and has no problem earnestly avoiding brands that misstep.

Brands don’t have to adjust to millennial preferences alone. They can work with grocery brokers to quickly adapt and change to inspire the next wave of shoppers to commit. While the process definitely isn’t easy, below are some tips and examples of how to adapt to millennial needs.


Transparency and company values are very important to this generation. They want companies to have missions and processes that they align with and understand. The underwear and sportswear brand Aerie, for example, is very transparent about its ideals.

This brand has committed to the public that their models will never be photoshopped. They are also passionate about representing all bodies, and regularly display models with disabilities and models of varied sizing in a fresh, authentic way. In addition, for every unedited photo someone uploaded to social media sporting their brand, Aerie recently donated funds to eating disorder research and support. As a result of these ideals and commitments, their market share is rapidly growing and quickly replacing better-known brands.

Innovative products

Innovative products that target health and wellness are extremely popular among this generation. Superfoods, kombucha, whole foods made from whole ingredients, and foods rich in protein are all items they’re after. What they don’t want are overly processed, sugar filled, low-calorie, low-fat options. For example, Greek yogurt has eclipsed low-fat options almost entirely; the simple process, rich protein source, and ease of eating Greek yogurt has overtaken the need for a low-fat alternative filled with artificial ingredients.

Because infiltrating the health food market can be difficult, consider hiring a natural food broker to aid you on your journey if you fall into this sector.

Community engagement

You are no longer judged on your products alone. Millennials want companies to be engaged in the community, and they want you to prove it. Brands like Warby Parker, for example, resonate with this group because for every item sold, another is given away to someone in need. While millennials are very price conscious, they are absolutely willing to spend money on a product if it provides aid to someone else.

Competitive pricing

Thanks to their upbringing, millennials are very money conscious. They save more than previous generations, and thanks to the enormous debt that comes with advanced schooling, they are used to pinching pennies every way they can. That’s why they are willing to shop generic and utilize coupons. The kicker is they want those coupons to be digitized and simple to use at checkout.

A grocery broker has experience with leading brands through adapting to consumer preferences. If you need direction and guidance on how to market to millennials, consider contacting a grocery broker today.

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